In Memoriam

We’re offering donors the opportunity to make a memorial contribution in remembrance of a beloved person, pet, or community. At the donor’s discretion, honorees are listed here in the order in which contributions were received.


Marcy Westerling, 1959-2015 Community Organizer, Cancer Warrior

Marcy Westerling ~ Marcy is honored through contributions from Holly Pruett, Life-Cycle Celebrant and River View Cemetery & Funeral Home, where she’s buried. After this inaugural memorial donation was announced, Seven Ponds featured Marcy’s story on their blog. In recognition of Marcy’s role as a community organizer, we’re naming our Death:OK community space for her.

Lance Heiko ~ Lance, who died of cancer at age 53 in 1993, is honored by his sister-in-law, Gilah Tenenbaum. Gilah followed the Jewish tradition of giving a donation in multiples of $18. In Hebrew, the letters used to write chai (which means life) also stand for the number 18. Our event will feature My Gift of Grace, a conversation game for living and dying well, co-designed by Lance’s son Jethro Heiko.

Tim Scotchler ~ Tim was a bright huge light who created permaculture gardens and built community in Bellingham, WA. He died of brain cancer at age 29 in 2004, and is honored by Jodie Buller from White Eagle Memorial Preserve natural burial ground, in gratitude for the seeds he planted in her heart during his dying time.

Julie Bronston ~ A talented photographer whose huge heart radiated with love and encouragement for everyone she met, Julie suffered the agony of burying two of her seven children, along with many other losses. On July 5, at age 59, after years of severe mental illness, she made a decision to end her life. Julie is honored by her sister Nancy Wernecke who grieves her death while celebrating the resilience of Julie’s children and grandchildren: a strong connection to Julie’s ongoing legacy, and precious gifts to this world.

Gary Durborow ~ From Camille Solyagua: “In loving memory of my brother, Gary. I miss you.”

Jack Hardesty ~ A courageous and determined man who beat the odds after two “terminal” diagnoses of esophageal cancer and went on to live for more than 20 years cancer-free. Jack died of a heart attack in 2006, and his story, written by his wife, Alice, can be found in An Uncommon Cancer Journey: The Cosmic Kick That Healed Our Lives at

Stella Pyburn ~ Ken Pyburn honors his courageous mother, who emigrated to this country with Ken in 1950. She was born in Newcastle on Tyne, England 100 years ago to the date of our event, 10/17/1915.

We warmly remember John Worley Symons (June 7, 1939 – September 5, 2015), the first enthusiast to buy a Death:OK ticket. Look for the cranes John folded to join our flock on October 17!

We thank Gretchen and Dave Brauer-Rieke for their generous gift in support of this event.

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