Final Report to the Community

Slide1We’ve read the feedback and tallied the reviews and are now ready to share with you… drumroll, please… our Final Report to the Community.

We heard from a full 50% of event attendees – presenters, volunteers, participants – 250 responses. Thank you to all who responded!

The report summarizes what folks had to say about their experience and what we as organizers learned. It also provides some history of how Death:OK came to be. Download our Final Report to the Community.

Keynoter Stephen Jenkinson described our event as “a love letter to the place we live”. That it was – a missive based on the belief that we can do better when it comes to how we die, how we grieve, and how we remember. This report serves as a P.S., a love letter to anyone interested in organizing something similar in their own community.

And if you’d like to hear more about what it took to put together this amazing event, End-of-Life University founder Dr. Karen Wyatt interviewed organizer Holly Pruett. Listen to the 60 minute interview.


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