Dying For a Change? Friday Bonus Panel!

We’re pleased to announce a bonus program feature: a panel discussion on Friday, October 16 from 3-5pm with change makers and thought leaders from Colorado, California, Washington & Oregon.

Dying for a Change: Challenging our dominant culture’s relationship with death


National Home Funeral Alliance overview of roles in the alternative death care movement

With panelists Angela Hennessy (Oakland, CA), Nora Menkin (Seattle, WA), Holly Pruett (Portland, OR), Marta Shoman (Crestone, CO).

Join us to explore perspectives on the 5-25 year future of death in our culture. Hear innovative practices and frameworks from Colorado, California & Washington. A discussion that invites individuals and communities to examine, challenge and change our dominant culture’s relationship to death…

Event Details

  • 3-5pm Friday, October 16
  • For practitioners and community members committed to changing the cultural norms that promote silence, fear, and isolation around the topic of death
  • Open to Death:OK ticket holders and volunteers and the general public
  • Admission: $5-$25 requested donation at the door (checks and cash only)
  • Advance registration required – click here.
  • The location of the panel is provided from the registration link.
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1 Response to Dying For a Change? Friday Bonus Panel!

  1. Jane Wasson-Carter says:

    Eager to attend


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