Closing Festivities Performers Announced!

After a full day of inspiration, information, and connection we hope you’ll join us for happy hour refreshments, mingling, and music. We are pleased to announce our talented performers for our Closing Festivities!


Closing headliners, the beloved Motherlode

Motherlode: This quartet of women create original songs filled with heartfelt lyrics. They have performed together for over 30 years, producing 8 albums. Motherlode includes Marie Eaton, Director of the Palliative Care Institute at Western Washington University, avid gardener and pie-maker; Janet Peterson, music camp conductor, and sign language interpreter; Nan Collie, retired teacher, happy gardener, photographer and poet; Kathleen Fallon, maker of ceramics and jewelry, marimba band player, and retired ESL instructor.

The Game Hens Choir: Eight talented men form this a cappella men’s choir with stunning harmonies and a playful attitude. Led by Dustin Hunley, jazz musician and music teacher.

Sarah Lambert & Scott Curts, Duet: Sarah is a vocalist and the owner of Body Insights. She is a practitioner of Somatic Therapy and a rational psychic. Scot Curts, featured on keyboards, is an electronics engineer.

Heather Michet: Owner of Iris Healing Arts, Heather practices Reiki and aromatherapy and is a songstress whom some say “has the voice of an angel”.

David Olson: Our incomparable Master of Ceremonies has a long career in telecommunications and is a talented actor.

Closing Festivities take place 5:15 – 7:00 pm. Come enjoy hosted appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages (included in your day-long ticket price); beer and wine available for purchase. We look forward to closing our day with music, laughter, and community connections. Please join us in celebration!

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