Death:OK Presenters Announced!

2015-06-16 16.02.50

Leslie Kimiko Ward “1000 Cranes: Healing through Creative Connectivity”

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our workshop presenters, selected from over 70 applicants from across the country.

From pioneering experts in their fields, to first-person story-tellers sharing their experience from the front-lines, to artists working in a range of media, our presenters represent an incredible array of passion, talent, and commitment to building community.

In the coming weeks we’ll publish detailed descriptions of each of these inspiring presentations. Workshops will be presented during four time slots during the day in three tracks. You can read about our opening speaker and keynoter here.

Advance Planning Track: Dilemmas, Decisions, Documents

Death Care & Bereavement Track: Reclaiming Rights, Rituals & Remembrance




Death Care

Home Death Care

Preparation for Dying

Arts & Experience: Imagine, Inspire, Immerse




Visual Arts



Community Space Experiences: Conversation, Contemplation, Connection

Note: line-up is subject to change.

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