Planning Your Own Memorial Service: Stories from the Frontlines

Death:OK (Let’s Talk About It) is a day of inspiration, information, and connection taking place October 17, 2015 on the campus of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  As part of an ongoing series profiling our presenters, we’re pleased to introduce you to…

Kim Wieneke & Carter Smith, presenting “Planning Your Own Memorial Service: Stories from the Frontlines”

Kim and Carter met in a support group for people living with cancer – Kim was there for herself; Carter was with his wife Terri. In this Q & A session with Life-Cycle Celebrant Holly Pruett, they will share their experiences with memorial service planning – as someone living with terminal cancer planning her own, and as a widowed spouse whose wife’s wishes were one of her final gifts.

When Terri died, Carter didn’t know how he would manage a memorial service – much less how to go on without his beloved life partner. Fortunately, Terri had left guidance on her laptop, everything from a cover she designed for her memorial program to the songs she wanted played to the bird-shaped cards that friends wrote on at her life celebration.

2013-kw-grey-hat-5x7-sm-214x300Wanting to support her husband in similar fashion at the time of her eventual death, Kim brought her closest friends together for “Death Over Dinner” and used the conversation to inform her own decisions and plans about her future cremation and memorial.

Kim, a North Portland resident, blogs and speaks about living with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Using skills she developed as a project manger, she focuses on keeping her life as a full-time cancer patient organized and on track. A self-described Life Enjoyment Specialist, Kim attempts to lead a simple, stress-free life by taking frequent walks, practicing yoga, and creating stained glass art. Kim’s blog:

Carter, a runner and writer, will observe the one-year anniversary of his wife’s death the week after this event. He continues to keep her close to his heart and a part of his daily life.

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