Green Funerals: Practical Information from a Green Mortician

Death:OK (Let’s Talk About It) is a day of inspiration, information, and connection taking place October 17, 2015 on the campus of Reed College in Portland, Oregon. As part of an ongoing series profiling our presenters, we’re pleased to introduce you to…

Elizabeth Fournier, presenting Green Funerals: Practical Information from a Green Mortician


Elizabeth featured in Portland Monthly magazine, Feb. 2014

What’s involved in creating a green funeral? Can you conduct a burial on private property? Learn rules and regulations, shroud wrapping techniques, how to locate biodegradable funeral products, and more.  Complementing the session on Natural Burial Options in the Pacific NW presented by three natural cemetery operators, this workshop covers green funerals from the mortician’s perspective.

An undertaker and owner of Cornerstone Funeral Services, Elizabeth Fournier calls herself the “Green Reaper”.  She practices what she preaches, working hands-on with local families to teach them what she’s learned in her 25 years in the funeral industry. Cornerstone serves five small towns in rural Clackamas County, Oregon.

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