Ancestor Altar: An Interactive Memorial

Death:OK (Let’s Talk About It) is a day of inspiration, information, and connection taking place October 17, 2015 on the campus of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  As part of an ongoing series profiling our presenters, we’re pleased to introduce you to…

Stella Maris, presenting “Ancestor Altar: An Interactive Memorial.”

Stella Maris

We will build and tend a memorial altar where participants can place names, photos, and mementos of the beloved dead. This altar will offer a focal space for mourning, celebration, memory, and contemplation throughout Death:OK.

All interested event participants are encouraged to bring photos and objects for the altar.

Stella Maris is a community spiritual instigator with nearly 20 years of experience in holding ceremonies and processions in remembrance of the ancestors. Her family is mostly Celtic in origin, with religious roots in Episcopalianism, Catholicism, and Judaism. Her practice is eclectic Pagan, and her spiritual community is the Radical Faeries of Portland and Wolf Creek.

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