Death:OK Program in the Works


“Marjorie’s Dance” quilt by Lori Mason Designs, a featured memorial artist.

If we build it will they come? That was the question we posed when we issued our request for proposals, seeking presenters and performers for our October 17th day of inspiration, information, and connection.

The answer? A resounding yes! More than seventy proposals poured in. We expected to feature lots of local talent but were delighted to receive proposals from innovators in New York, Colorado, Bellingham, Seattle, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

We’ll announce our full program in June. You can look forward to dozens of incredible offerings in three programming tracks:

Documents, Dilemmas, Decisions (Advance Planning)

Meet with legal and medical experts to gain insight into your personal values, build the skills to communicate your wishes to others, and problem-solve difficult dilemmas.

Reclaiming Rights, Ritual & Remembrance (Death Care & Bereavement)

  • How can we prepare for our deaths and what can we expect during the experience of dying? Hear from those on the front lines and choose from a variety of modalities to explore wisdom, peace, and forgiveness in the approach to death.
  • Surviving the death of a loved one: tools for caregivers and inspiring first-person accounts of grief and mourning rituals.
  • Caring for our beloved dead: learn about the resurgence in time-honored traditions (including natural burial and home funerals), along with innovations like the Urban Death Project’s human composting project.

Imagine, Inspire, Immerse (Arts & Experience)

Explore your relationship with death through visual art, song and music, yoga, writing, crafts, and theatrical experiences.

Stay tuned for our full schedule announcement in June! Session size will be limited. Plan to purchase your ticket by July 4th for first choice of program offerings. (Tickets will go on sale soon!)

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